Why Cant I Lose Weight?

Losing weight is not the easiest challenge people face, if it were we would not have such a problem with weight and obesity. Why is it such a challenge? Think about the foods we are encouraged to eat or simply can afford to eat.

Our eating habits start from childhood. Children are fed Mc Donalds, Macaroni and Cheese, Pizza and unhealthy school lunches. No wonder there is an epidemic of obesity in youths. Even if the youth is not obese, this type of eating only sets them up for failure as adults with unhealthy choices and lifestyles.

Now what about us adults? We try to choose wisely by choosing the foods that say "fat free, low cal, lean, healthy." Would it surprise you to know that these options may be unhealthier than choosing a hamburger or slice of pizza? If you were offered a choice of a hamburger, pizza or cobb salad which would you say is the healthiest? Most would say Cobb Salad, when in fact it is double the calories due to the fat, oils and sugar in the dressing. In order for companies to make a fat free or "healthier" option they get rid of the fat but replace it with SUGAR! Sugar is the worste food for our body, it turns into stubborn fat and does a number on our immune system and body organs.

So what do we do? Stop eating processed foods, don't believe labels of "fat free, low cal or lean" look at your ingredients and always check the sugar content. Many companies hide sugar content making it impossible to know what is in their food. The solution? Stop eating processed foods, fast food and liquid sugar beverages such as soda and juices. Start cooking your own meals with whole foods, real foods that are fresh. Fresh meats, vegetables, fruits and learning to make your own breads and pastas.

What is sad and possibley the most difficult for people to eat healthy is the cost of healthy and organic foods is almost double processed foods. Not all can afford to eat healthy. This is true for many, but think of the damage eating unhealthy causes, the sicknesses and diseases that are caused. The cost of medical bills to deal with these sicknesses will cost much more than the money it will cost to eat healthy. If not possible to buy all organic foods, then at least buy whole foods and stay away from the processed foods. ThinTonic Detox Tea can help you with the cost of food as it suppresses the appetite and will not allow you to eat as much as you normally would, so you can save by eating less.

Many find themselves exercising and thinking they are choosing healthy but are fooled with the sugar content that is setting them up for failure. If you start cooking your own homemade foods with wholefoods you will see the weight fall off as well as feel healthier than ever before. If you are dealing with sickness you will find your body healing itself with the nutrients of whole foods. Nothing beats homemade meals. Think about before the 1950's obesity was unheard of and very few were overweight because they cooked their own meals and did not eat processed foods as well as less chemicals were used to raise agriculture and animals. So strop getting fooled by companies marketing lies that their products are healthy and start cooking your own food.

What are Whole Foods?

Raw Vegetables

Raw Fruits

Lean Organic Meats



Brown or Wild Rice

Whole Grain Pasta

Whole Grain Bread

Almond Milk



What to stay away from!

White Bread

White Rice



Frozen Food

Canned Food

Pre Packaged Food

Fried Foods

Fast Foods


Creamy Salad Dressings

Frozen Lean Meals

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