Detoxify with a 10 Day Juicing Cleanse

Our bodies are loaded with toxins and fats from the foods we eat. It is good to do a detox every few months to clean out your digestive system and reboot your metabolism to begin a new healthy lifestyle. One of the easiest and healthiest ways to detox is by juicing. It may sound hard, but with the help of ThinTonic Tea you won't feel hungry and will be satisfied with just juice.

Why is Juicing Good?

Juicing is good for us because the juice is a pure raw form of vitamins from vegetables and fruits that are in liquid form allowing our bodies to digest easily and quickly, feeding our bodies the nutrients we normally lack. Juicing is very good for your hair, nails and skin as they receive the vitamins they are sorely lacking. Our digestive system can cause a lot of problems associated with weight gain, cleaning it out and giving it a fresh start will allow you to adopt a new healthy lifestyle after your cleanse and promote weight loss.

What should I expect from Juicing?

The first 3 days are going to be hard, you will have cravings for food and feel hungry. Unless, you drink ThinTonic Tea all day long with your juices, this will keep the cravings and hunger under control. After the third day it will be much easier as your body has eliminated the food in your digestive tract and has grown used to drinking just juice. The fourth day is when you actually begin fasting and truly cleaning out and rebooting your digestive system to jumpstart weight loss. The first few days you will feel weak but by the fourth day you will have a burst of energy and may do some spring cleaning. You will begin to notice your body changing on the fourth day and continue until day 10. Many people hit the 10th day and then choose to continue for the 30 Day Juice Cleanse because of how great they feel.

What ingredients should I use?

What is most important is that you drink the juice! So don't go off and buy all the ingredients you hate. Pick a few of your favorite fruits and add it to a base juice of either or all Cucumber, Carrot, Celery or Apple. These four have a lot of water content and is why they are best used as a base. You can pick one or all. After picking your base, then add a couple of your favorite fruits. The essential ingredients we recommend are as follows.

Healthiest ingredients for Juicing.

- Kale






You can add all of these to your juice or a few at a time to change up the flavor. If you really do not like vegetables and have a hard time drinking the juice, we recommend adding banana as it really sweetens up the juice and or stevia. Juicing can be high in calories and sugar if you add too many fruits. So please for best results keep it at 70% vegetables and 30% fruit.

A Juicer or a Blender?

This is really up to you. If you like pulp than a blender would work but you will need to water down and dilute your juice to keep the fiber low so your digestive tract is not working so hard. A juicer will make your juice liquidly smooth but may take out most of the fiber. For digestive reasons, using a juicer is best and you can always add a little of the pulp/fiber back in. However, what is most important is that you drink it, so whichever way will get you to drink the juice, do it.

What do I do after 10 days?

After your 10 day cleanse, your body will feel amazingly healthy and clean. DON'T go fill it up with junk! If you do, you will be sorry with a horrible tummy ache. The cleanse is your jumpstart to a new healthy lifestyle. Start with adding whole fruits and vegetables to your diet the first day or two. Then you can slowly add small amounts of rice, whole wheat and lean meats. Stay away from processed foods, fast food, junk food and refined carbs. Exercise 4-5 days a week and make wise choices when eating. ThinTonic Tea will be there to help you make it through your cleanse.

How can ThinTonic Tea help me with juicing?

It will help you feel full and curb your appetite so you don't even realize how hungry you are drinking just juice for 10 days. When I did the cleanse, I made sure to make a full pot of ThinTonic Tea in the morning. I would have one hot glass for breakfast with my juice, then I would pour the rest into a glass mason jar and refrigerate for later during the day. Whenever I felt hungry, I would get my ice tea out and drink it. This was the biggest help for me to stay true to my cleanse. ThinTonic Tea goes perfect with juicing as they both detox your digestive system and body. So order your ThinTonic Tea and go to your farmers market for some quality produce and get ready to jumpstart a whole new you. I know you can do it.

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